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Experience Foxtrot Master Class - February 23rd


23rd February

We know you love Foxtrot really.  But, as you'll appreciate, it's a tricky dance to master.

Unless you've got an Instructor who genuinely loves the Foxtrot over and above any other dance.  Which we do !

Adrian has the unofficial world record for the longest ever Slow Foxtrot - 24 hours.  

And what we have in store on this Masterclass is a review of the basic technique of the dance, the swing and momentum control that is so vital to a good Foxtrot.  We'll take a look at posture, hold, lead, the use of contra body movement and those pesky heel turns.

Sounds too good to be true ?  How about we add in some all new (but manageable) choreography into the mix...better book in quick.  

This half day course will run from 1.00 - 5.00 (with a break in the middle) 

The price is per couple


Dates: 23rd February

Dance: Foxtrot


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